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Protecting Your Pet

There are many reasons why you might choose to insure your pet. According to a NAPHIA survey (Source: NAPHIA Research Report 2016), the most common reasons pet insurance was purchased: Is helpful to pet owners (59%) Shows you love your pet (55%) Shows you are a...

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Why Do You Need Life Insurance?

The first step to purchasing the right kind of life insurance is understanding why you need it in the first place. What are your individual needs? Understanding your reasons for buying will help you make sure you get the right coverage. There are many reason why life...

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Understanding Homeowner’s Insurance

You've found a home and are ready to sign, but you find out that you need homeowner's insurance. Why do you need to buy coverage? Reasons to Buy: Property coverage – covers the physical structure of your home and your personal property if anything is damaged Liability...

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A New Way to Find Extra Work

Say hello to reliable hourly work. The General is proud to partner with Moonrise; an employment platform that connects companies looking for a reliable hourly workforce to workers looking for that additional shift to make ends meet. You can be matched to a variety of...

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RV Insurance 101

Recreational vehicles, or RVs, include a wide range of motorhomes, from camper vans to bus conversions, organized by classes: Class A, B and C. Your RV insurance will depend on the class of your vehicle, how much you use it, whether you live in it full time and other...

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Lifestyle Survey

Make sure you're ready for life's ups and downs. Take our lifestyle survey to be the first to know about upcoming products and services that can help make life easier.

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Vehicle Service Plans Save You Money

If you’re like more than 200 million Americans, you count on your car to get you place, to take care of important things and to live your life. But when your car breaks down, that’s all disrupted. At best, it’s an inconvenience. At worst, it drains your savings. You...

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