The first step to purchasing the right kind of life insurance is understanding why you need it in the first place. What are your individual needs? Understanding your reasons for buying will help you make sure you get the right coverage. There are many reason why life insurance is a smart investment so uncover what your primary reason is so you can get the policy you need. The most common intention is to replace income and maintain your family’s lifestyle. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • How much do I currently make?
  • How much does my spouse make?
  • Do I want to simply cover the cost associated with your a funeral or something more?
  • Do you want to maintain the mortgage of the family home or have it paid off?
  • How much would my family need if my income was lost?
  • Are there childcare or school expenses?
  • How old are your children?
  • Are you hoping to pay for the cost of college for a child?

Only you can answer these questions around life insurance. Once they’re answered, we can make finding the right policy a snap.


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